nl200 headscratch spot

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nl200 headscratch spot

sorry for link, bit lazy to make screen and post

this is not pokerstars and villian is a reg(I dont know much about him, didnt play a lot vs him but today had quite many standard spots vs him)

Thats river situation for OOP, obviosly we are not playing equilibrim at this point. Keep in mind that IP never have Tx on the river (they betting turn IP at close to 95%, his only slowplays TT/55) so river shove by OOP with 88/99 not suprising by solver.
However things to consider - IP have more Tx than solver; his shove on the river from human standpoint (unless he knows this spot fairly well) doesnt make a lot of sense. Just because he have easy bluffcatch with AQ for example and dont need to shove IT; and his A9/AJ might just bluff close to pure % on the turn.
Anyway feedback welcome

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