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NL200: playing 2.P in 3bp on the river

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NL200: playing 2.P in 3bp on the river

Blinds: $1.00/$2.00 (6 Players) SB: $201.00 (Hero)
BB: $200.00
UTG: $242.15
MP: $488.92
CO: $207.40
BN: $218.60
Preflop ($3.00) Hero is SB with 9 Q
3 folds, BN raises to $6.00, Hero raises to $20.00, BB folds, BN calls $14.00
Flop ($42.00) 2 3 J
Hero bets $22.00, BN calls $22.00
Turn ($86.00) 2 3 J 7
Hero checks, BN checks
River ($86.00) 2 3 J 7 9
Hero checks, BN bets $44.00, Hero folds
Final Pot BN wins $83.00
Rake is $3.00

Villain plays 33/22 F2 3bet 46% over 418 hands.

No specific hands at SD, or reads on him.

I 3bet a linear range in this spot:


My plan on the turn was to barrel every club, and 8/T/K again. As played I went for a check/fold .

On the river I am not shure what is best here.

Can we valuebet?

If we would know that Villain is betting the turn with TP+, I think betting is best.

He could have something like that by then:


Therefore 8 combos TT/99/9d7d beat us and he can bluffcatch us with another 31 combos we beat.

Can we check/call?

I think without reads betting is better than check/calling. I do not think, that he is turning SD value into a bluff?

And I am not shure why he would checkback the turn with a FD/GS/Ahigh hand and bluff the river.

Therefore I think its a fold, when we go for the check?

What is your riverline? Do you agree with my assumtions?

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