nl200 unusual situations

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nl200 unusual situations

Okay UTG-rec, CO - good reg.

Pre -Think my 3bet slightly small (0,5 - 1,5bb) but my size targeting ''his size''. Whether he is doing it(opening) with weak hands(by that I mean KJo, 76s and like that) I dont know.

Flop -because my 3bet is small I expect a lot of continues pre, so sizing up and go polar on the flop seems good.

Turn - well my intuition says 1/3 being decent and check AAo-JJo

River - his sizing is super small. Dont expect him to have any Ax apart of ATs/AQhh. He could have sets/flushes for value. As far as bluffs I can see 8x turning into a bluff

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