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NL400 SH: c/r TPGK vs aggressive BU

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NL400 SH: c/r TPGK vs aggressive BU

BN: 531.43
SB: 511.33 (Hero)
BB: 2007.50
CO: 366
BN is a LAG, playing 32/27 (BU open 70%, could be up to 90 or even more, because of the big whale in the BB)
fold cbet vs raise: 50%
cbet flop 78% / turn 61% / river 50%
AF% flop 63% / turn 57% / river 37%
WTSD: 23 /W$WSF: 48
is very aggressive, folds almost nothing to cbets and 2nd barrels, threebets and fourbets much, squeezes much, can do stuff like a lot of cold4betting or overbetting vs capped ranges, ...
Preflop (6) (4 Players)
Hero was dealt Q K
CO folds, BN raises to 10, Hero calls 8, BB folds
Flop (24) 6 5 K (2 Players)
Hero checks, BN bets 14, Hero raises to 49.30, BN calls 35.30
Turn (122.60) 6 5 K 2 (2 Players)
Hero bets 84.07, BN calls 84.07
River (290.74) 6 5 K 2 T (2 Players)

First hand here, hope everything works....

My default play in this spot is to 3bet against this guy pre, but because of the huge whale in the BB i coldcall KQ here. What do you think about my c/r against his wide range? And what do you think is the best riverplay for my range? Overbet jam, halfpot, c/c or c/f?I saw especialy thinking people calling very wide in these spots against c/r on flop and turn, cause my range is very (semi)bluffheavy and many guys dont c/r strong TP here, so there is a good chance that he wont perceive me on KQ too.


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