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NL50 fold turn vs shove deep?

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NL50 fold turn vs shove deep?

vs 20/15/12 over 60 hands

This is probably a big leak for me as I tend to call these turn shoves on these kind of boards a lot. I just tell myself he could have slowplayed QQ vs 3b pre because we are very deep, or he picked up some kind of Tc9c, AJ, KJ. Still does not make sense with AJ-KJ as I block those hands and he should be scared of QQ-AA etc. Also in the moment I didn't think he would shove this big with a set, maybe raise a bit smaller.

UTG: 278.15 BB
CO: 113.82 BB
Hero (BTN): 196.5 BB
SB: 203.4 BB
BB: 340.03 BB

SB posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has Ah Ad
UTG raises to 2.5 BB, fold, Hero raises to 10 BB, fold, BB calls 9 BB, UTG calls 7.5 BB

Flop : (30.5 BB, 3 players) 2c 7s Jd
BB checks, UTG checks, Hero bets 13.25 BB, fold, UTG calls 13.25 BB

Turn : (57 BB, 2 players) 6c
UTG checks, Hero bets 39.5 BB, UTG raises to 254.9 BB and is all-in, Hero calls 133.75 BB and is all-in

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