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NL50 QQ best line of play, a lot of thoughts

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NL50 QQ best line of play, a lot of thoughts

Blinds: $0.25/$0.50 (5 Players) UTG: $89.11
CO: $55.10 (Hero)
BN: $99.34
SB: $46.95
BB: $50.00
Preflop ($0.75) Hero is CO with Q Q
UTG raises to $1.50, Hero raises to $5.00, 3 folds, UTG calls $3.50
Flop ($10.75) 4 5 J
UTG checks, Hero bets $5.13, UTG calls $5.13
Turn ($21.01) 4 5 J 6
UTG checks, Hero bets $10.03, UTG folds
Final Pot CO wins $20.06
Rake is $0.95


Nothing interesting happened during the hand, but I'm still concerned about the way I played it.

On preflop you could argue between coldcalling and 3betting, I think 3bet is default, but I coldcall it sometimes to mix strategies. This opponent seemed a bit looser then average, so 3bet it is.

Flop is good but nothing special, J is really bad here, because JJ are a lot of nut combos in his range which I never have. By default I expect players to x/c x/r or x/c x/c dbet JJ here most of the time. Assuming that, flop bet for protection is definitely safe. Given the number of AKx combos in his range I benefit from protection a lot.

Also some players who dont like to fold to 3bets will coldcall here also with 44 and 55, which is disaster for me if I bet against those hands. But it also means that Im ahead of big portion of his range which is 66 77 88 99 that he must coldcall if he doesnt give up with smaller PPs.

Turn is most tough part I think. Yes Im still doing good, but I doubt that value betting queens is the best line of play. Against narrow UTG range I would like to pot control this board.

To fully benefit from betting this board with QQ-KK-AA, I need a lot of bluff hands since I expect a lot of folds on the turn. I dont have a lot of natural bluffs when I 3bet from MP vs UTG. It means I have to use a AK/AQ combos here. Those combos dont have a tiny bit of equity vs JJ or 44 or 55, and I end up just paying a lot of money to his x/c x/r range without any outs.

And I also doubt that after turn bet I have a clear river valuebet. Only hand that would pay me is 3xAJs. He needs to make mistake calling those hands, since Im not sure its correct call against my range.

So maybe I should just check turn and go from here? It also protects some of my AK combos.

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