NL5k vs Daniel Dvoress

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NL5k vs Daniel Dvoress

Hey RIO.

Ive just seen the new Daniel Dvoress training video,

Here Daniel has played a hand, which he is analyzing from the villains perspective.

The hands goes like this:

Daniel now set up a range for Hero (BU) and comes to the conclusion, that Hero should arrive to the river with
[9h9c, 8h8s, 8h8c, 8s8c, 3d3h, 3d3s, 3h3s, AdJd, KdJd, AdTd, KdTd, Qh9h, Qc9c, JTo, 9h8s, 9h8c, 9c8h, 9c8s]

and saying because we get as Villain (BB) gets 2 to 1 and the bluff equals a little bit less, we are having a call.

But arnt some of Hero (BU) bluffing range ott going to give up otr, so we cant really say, that Hero (BU) are shoving the river with this entire range? Or am I misunderstanding something after reading AoNLHE?

Please help, my head is about to explode :D

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