No equity turn barrel bluff

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No equity turn barrel bluff

100bb deep

Villain seems like a decent reg, not many stats on him though.

Me (BN) opens to 24 w Ac5h.
Villain (BB) calls.

Flop: 9c 7d 3s (53)
I bet 30
He calls

OTF here i think i can go either way. I chose to cb this time.

Turn: 9c 7d 3s Qs (113)
I bet 100
He calls

OTT, things start to get interesting. The reason i cbet - I unblock many hands which might fold OTT (Gutshots, etc.); only block 54s.
Also, Q is a scare card. I chose bigger sizing here, because i think that he is more inclined to fold his weaker draws and not to XR them. So if i would choose smaler sizing, it might not be the case. Also i am quite polarized here, so bigger sizing makes sense.
I certainly do not use this combo as a bluff with 100% frequency, would overbluff this spot. My question is, which other hands would you choose as bluff and the frequency you would bluff them. I think A high hands which unblock his folding range works out the best because i can sometimes win on the river vs missed draw or hit an ace.

Which cards would you potentially bluff otr?

I didn't use make these type of turn barrels in the past, so i am often confused in these spots. Will be glad for any clarification. Thx

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