Not sure if I should be betting flop here - Straddled

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Not sure if I should be betting flop here - Straddled

Live 2-5 - Texas Card House - Dallas

Sticky reg straddles $10 UTG (have history on him from session where he 4x 45s UTG full ring, and called my 17bb squeeze while I am 110bb deep, called a gutter on flop 3 way and called off with incorrect odds on turn with a FD+gutter on a bad board. )

Another perceived Reg who is limping limps UTG 1, both cover

Hero on Bttn raise A9ss to $50 and has $550 remaining after raise...( I could prob make it $45 here, but not really looking to go much smaller)

Straddle and limper call

Flop JxTs6x rainbow

Flop = $157(no rake in these games)
check to Hero
I cbet $75


My personal thoughts are that I am using too big a size here given the SPR being what it is. a $50-60 bet can easily allow for me to get stacks in on river if I choose to do so. I am curious if I should be checking back some with this combo given its 3-way and a very connected board. I think it's okay with the single spade on board because it will give me ample bluffs on spade turns, and I can probably barrel off on a Q as well, given I tnink they never have AK or QQ.

Wondering if I should choose to bet flop with A9 combos that have the back door matching the top card, that way when we get opportunity to barrel, we face less top pair+fd situations. May not be that relevant however, and I would probably check back A8 backdoor, and A9 be close to bottom of range.

appreciate the feedback


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