Nut flush facing tough river spot.

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Nut flush facing tough river spot.

Blinds: $0.02/$0.05 (6 Players) BN: Mr.K Bond007: $8.75 (Hero)
SB: KisJohnny88: $8.76
BB: VincentVegAA: $5.97
UTG: Damjan991: $5.81
MP: sracia: $2.30
CO: pipecmolodec: $5.00
Preflop ($0.07) Mr.K Bond007 is BN with K T
3 folds, Mr.K Bond007 raises to $0.12, KisJohnny88 raises to $0.40, VincentVegAA folds, Mr.K Bond007 calls $0.28
I think since I'm suited I can call here profitably IP. No relevant stats or reads on this villain.
Flop ($0.85) A 5 7
KisJohnny88 bets $0.50, Mr.K Bond007 calls $0.50
I can raise here sometimes but IP I think I can call. I think both options are fine.
Turn ($1.85) A 5 7 J
KisJohnny88 bets $1.05, Mr.K Bond007 raises to $2.90, KisJohnny88 calls $1.85
I raised slightly smaller to have a good SPR for the river.
River ($7.65) A 5 7 J A
KisJohnny88 bets $4.96 and is all in, Mr.K Bond007 calls $4.95 and is all in
When SB shoves here, it's a tough spot because I feel I can only beat a bluff. He only has AJ and JJ as full houses,sometimes A7s A5s, and the rare AA. I think he can have 55 and 77 sometimes however I think villains at these stakes would call those SB vs BTN. Villain would almost never shove Ax here given I x/r when the flush hit. I'm not sure what kinds of bluffs villain can have. When I think about it now I guess this is a fold? However I have the nut flush so I feel compelled to call but I feel this is a fishy call given I can't beat his perceived value range.

Is it a easy fold on the river? Or since he really only has 5 value hands, AA, AJ, A7s, A5s, and JJ, I should just pay it off?

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