nuts flush on paird board

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nuts flush on paird board

Blinds 5 $0.25/$0.50
UTG Hero $58.42
CO Neqrouz $72.89
DE t_Mercier $104.40
SB P0ckeTT $50
BB mightypie$ 157.31

Hero is UTG$0.75 5
Hero raises to $1.15, Neqrouz (CO) calls $1.15, 1 fold, P0ckeTT (SB) calls $0.90, mightypie (BB) calls $0.65


P0ckeTT (SB) checks, mightypie (BB) checks, Hero bets $1.55, 1 fold, P0ckeTT (SB) folds, mightypie (BB) calls $1.55


Kh8cKd 6d
mightypie (BB) checks, Hero bets $6, mightypie (BB) raises to $14, Hero calls $8


$35.70 2
Kh8cKd 6dJd
mightypie (BB) goes all-in $140.61, Hero goes all-in $41.72


mightypie (BB ) 6cKc
Hero 7dAd

vs agressive reg
flop - I can x, but small bet is OK I think,
turn - I think I have to call, he still could have some combo drow float on flop - Td9d, 9d7d, some trips and boats
river - I don know, I will fold 2nd nuts flush for sure, call boats...,
My nuts flush is bluff catch honestly, so I think I can consider folding, he will not show worse flushes and trips probably....,
or fold is too nitty?

Thank you :)

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