Nutted FD IP vs EP raise but took a passive line

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Nutted FD IP vs EP raise but took a passive line

Blinds: $0.05/$0.10 (6 Players) BN: $10.58 (Hero)
SB: $9.65
BB: $10.25
UTG: $10.05
MP: $22.43
CO: $10.93
Preflop ($0.15) Hero is BN with A J
3 folds, Hero raises to $0.20, SB folds, BB raises to $0.87, Hero calls $0.67
I checked out the ranges in preflop guru and the raise and call seems fine. I'm normally min raising the button but not sure if this could be adjusted.
Flop ($1.79) 2 7 6
BB bets $1.13, Hero calls $1.13
I don't really know why I call here when its probably a good spot to raise and put pressure on Ax hands that have equity. Of course pocket pairs are calling. I think my logic was he will not believe me and somehow get the read I will have exactly the kind of hand I have but its pretty illogical. There's a lot of hands that hit this flop and my range has a lot of equity against him so putting pressure on and making him play a large pot OOP would be beneficial for me. If I'm up against AA or KK I assume he'll let me know.
Turn ($4.05) 2 7 6 4
BB bets $2.55, Hero calls $2.55
I think this call is terrible and probably based on the way I played the hand in the previous street. I can still hit the flush although implied odds are low since I assume pairs will check fold or blocker bet fold. I didn't pull the trigger on a raise here because I didn't think I would get the credibility. Since made hands on the flop would raise and 4c doesn't help my draws.
River ($9.15) 2 7 6 4 Q
BB checks, Hero checks
When he checks here its pretty obvious he has pocket pairs and has SD value. I don't think my line is credible and feel like I would get snapped off. I block the hearts so IDK what he would bluff the previous two streets with.
Final Pot BB wins and shows a pair of Tens.
BB wins $8.74
Rake is $0.41

So pretty miss played hand IMO. I think the later streets were a symptom of not taking the aggressive line earlier. Maybe there is merit to checking some of my FD in position but if I'm not betting this flop with AJs after flatting then what flops am I betting.

Thoughts on sizing and how you would navigate this hand? Would you ever x/r the turn? Is there ever any merit to calling the flop at some frequency?

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