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OE on a dynamic board

Main villain in Mp1 is a tight regular on the passive side. I think he only 3 bets KK+ as I've seen him flat call AK JJ and QQ multiple times now. Doesn't really bluff. Very solid with his bet sizing when he does choose to bet.

Hero UTG ($covers) 9d8d opens $15
MP1 ($650) calls
BTN ($500) calls
SB ($400) calls.
Flop ($60) Kd-7h-Th
SB x
Hero cbet $30
MP1 calls
others fold

Turn ($120) Kd-7h-Th-4c
Hero 2nd barrel $80

I think my flop sizing is a little small, but maybe ok being MW. I expect to be called in 1 or 2 places, so waiting for the turn to really increase my sizing, hit or miss. MP1 will have some slow plays for AK, 77, and TT in his range, but also will have some flush draws, some A10s, KJs, T9s, KQo, etc that will peel one time. I think he is tight enough vs a 2/3 sizing he will fold some of his weaker Kx and will fold Tx close to 100% vs a 2nd barrel. I also expect him to fold some flush draws that don't have a Sd with them, not sure about NFD though. If called, I think I can jam most cards that are not A, 9, Q or heart.

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