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On exploitability IP HU SRP via B-X-C line

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On exploitability IP HU SRP via B-X-C line

I took a look at the spot where we open, get once call from blinds and take a flop HU IP SRP.
We bet flop and villain calls.
Now - in theory we want to check some decent hands in order to bluff catch river to avoid villain being able to make super profitable river bluffs, but in practice they type of hands I'd typically use here such as TP mid/weak kicker are showing a significantly higher ev as a B-B-X than as a B-X-C. These hands are very + ev calls otr RCE 2.0+, but they just make more money as a turn bet v my pool. This may be the result of a very low turn fold to cb freq - typically 30-35%.
This being the case we can also be pretty confident all out stronger value will be B-B-B for the best EV, and 2nd pr is showing a losing river call via B-X-C line - it looks like in order to max out my ev I should have a super high - super exploitable river fold after I bet flop and check turn.
After I check turn I face a river bet about 53% so villains aren't going mad to bluff here - can people get on board with playing such an exploitable range?

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