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OOP 4-bet situations

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OOP 4-bet situations

Spot 1
Hero faces a MP RFI (21%), BTN three bet (aggressive)
Not going to have a calling range here for the most part, this is about the bottom of my linear 4-betting range.
I size up, we are OOP and I want to maximize fold equity.

Spot 2
Same concepts here as hand 1
- linearizing our 4-bet range
- sizing up OOP to maximize on FE
- more dead money to capitalize on
- because of positions, ranges will be wider (villains and hero's)
- not calling much here at all, thoughts on calling any other hands here? I was thinking maybe some large PP's ( JJ-99)

Spot 3
Villain is aggressive three-bettor, capable of folding to a 4-bet, but this time villain three bets a very polarized range from BTN.
Hero is polarizing to KK+, AK, QQ, (AK&QQ not @ 100%) balancing with the top of folding range (A9s, KJs, A5s, etc).
Hero will have a calling range here, (AK/QQ that didnt 4-bet, JJ-77, AQs-ATs, KQs-T9s, stuff like that for most part)
Figured since villain is always polarizing here, and most of my polarized bluffs will be ahead of his. Giving him odds here wasn't the worst.

Ok guys, hope this wasn't too much in one post, tried to keep it as neat as possible.
Figured we could generated some good discussions on bet sizing in different spots against different range.
So line and thought process checks on all spots. Any criticism and discussion is encouraged! :D

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