overfolding/overbluffing and printing money

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overfolding/overbluffing and printing money

So let's say there is a villain and he's overbluffing. Let's say I'm in a 3 bet pot with him and villain x raises with with a hand he shouldn't even have, he's overbluffing in a lot of spots. Let's say I have a hand that in theory folds to a x raise. Does it mean that I print money long term by folding in spots like these? Logic tells me yes but I want to hear more from more experienced players.

Now let's talk about overfolding. Let's say there's a hero who plays good theoritical poker and doesn't adjust in a pool that players slightly under bluff. Then, there's a hero who overfolds in this pool. Like I said, they SLIGHTLY UNDERBLUFF. So who prints more money here? A hero who overfolds or hero who doesn't adjust at all?

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