overpair facing an ALL IN OTT!

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overpair facing an ALL IN OTT!

Hey everyone :)

I am really curious how would you approach this hand..

Preflop - both 3bet and calling are possible, but I slightly do prefer 3bet, because of bigger rake at micros..

FLOP- I apply range bet with small sizing, especially on these low boards... and then..well theory call, he has got some bluffs such as flush draws and possibly can have 7x hands. 3bet would be an overplay in most cases. Do you think we might start to overfold a bit?

TURN - okay here are my data points why I decided to make slightly explo fold:
1. He is barely value betting worse (rarely A7s or the same hand as mine)
2. My range is well protected (by overpairs and A-high flushdraws)
3. From what I have observed, people are definitely not overbluffing in this line (

To what extent do you agree/disagree with the points above?
Happy and open to discuss :)

My range on every street

Here is my 3bet range vs BTN

This is my flop defend against a raise given his sizing (should be at least 57%, because of MDF), but I think people are generally not raising cbets enough (especially in 3bet pots) and once they do, they used to continue barreling on future streets. So I just overfold up to 5%.

And my constructed turn calling range. Now I do overfold 10%.. not sure if for instance 99 is better call than A4s, or 76s since it does not block his value and do block his bluffs, but possibly 99 beats some part of his value and this should be more important. However, A4s has 9 outs vs JJ, whereas 99 has only 2...
What is the bottom of your calling range in this spot?

I have 62.5bb left (facing 3/4 bet on the turn)
Villain is unknown, seems reggy so far

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