Pattern I'm noticing with solvers

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Pattern I'm noticing with solvers

There's been a few spots that have come up lately where I have found myself a bit lost in.

Basically, the situation typically goes Hero raise, and a Reg calls IP and the board comes down with two broadway cards.

It makes sense to me to be more polarized here and less merged, which I think PIO reflects. But, I'm noticing alot of small bets with the split range, which is strange to me.

My best guess is that it's because the equities are so close, that a big bet doesn't really serve much purpose, while a small bet puts the weaker parts of their range in a tougher spot. Like cbetting 1/3 on a QJ4r flop, puts 77/88 in a weird spot Bttn vs a EP/MP raise in a full ring game when ranges are so narrow.

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