PIO betsizing confusion

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PIO betsizing confusion


Referring to mistake#1 in this article

This article implies its some sort of a mistake to use a smaller bet sizing on this flop.A♠ J♣ 4♣
It implies (and therefore I find it misleading), that in theory, the EV of using bigger bet on this flop is higher
than smaller bet (at equilibrium).

I am not convinced with this because of the following

* Just because solver prefers one betsize over another when mixing strategies, it doesn't necessarily mean it is a mistake to use
one betsize over another.
if you don't follow the advice in the article about this flop and use a smaller betsize then you are allowed to bet a lot more frequently as compared to bigger betsize
so the overall EV of your strat will remain the same
** If you are using a particular bet size and your opponent is responding correctly, then it doesn't
really matter what betsize you use because at equilibrium you yield the same EV for each strategy

To back this theory up, I have ran 4 separate sims
Sim1 : allow cbet of 33% only
Sim2 : allow cbet of 66% only
Sim3 : allow cbet of 90% only
Sim4 : allow cbet of 33,66,90
All 4 sims yeild the (pretty much) the same EV for IP (once OOP checks the flop)

For our bigger cbet strat to yeild a higher EV, our opponent has to make a mistake when responding to our cbet
for example, overcall certain hands that he is supposed to fold to bigger bet.

I have no problem using/studying multiple bet sizes but I want to make sure it is for the right reason, for example
if I have a reason to believe villain is going to respond incorrectly to a certain betsize then its makes perfect sense to
use multiple betsizes depending on what assumptions I have about the villain.

However, if I am up against a good opponent who knows how to respond effectively vs each betsize, then it doesn't matter what sizing
I use ! Am I coming to the right conclusion here or I am missing something ?

If my understanding is correct, it brings us to the point
of this discussion, what incentive do we have in studying which sizing PIO prefers for different flops ?
Is it not better to study one betsize for all flops and master it when we are studying equilibrium play ?


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