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PIO recommends overfolding in spots where we do not have to

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PIO recommends overfolding in spots where we do not have to

I have come across these spots a few times now, where we end up overfolding massively vs a smallish betsizing. These are always situations where we had the opportunity to bet with a part of our range, did that and now have the other par of he range that is very weak.
So for example we defend the BB and it checks down all the way to the river. We check, IP bets small (1/2PS) and we fold >75%. We could build our range in a way as to not to overfold so massively, but PIO chooses to put almost all of the value hands in the probe lines OTT and OTR. So are we "allowed" to build our ranges that way, because by having a probing range OTT and OTR we already have put pressure onto IPs range and are anyway allowed to overfold some part of our range as the BB defender? Are there any other reasons that I am missing. As PFA vs IP CCer we should not be allowed to overfold so massively at any node right?

Here is a pic to the example above:

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