PIO solver Aggregated Reports downloading

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PIO solver Aggregated Reports downloading

Hi I just recently saw an essential video here by Darren Wee called Aggregated Reports which I found hugely interesting. These are basically CSV files which are generated by PIO solver and then can be used by spreadsheets and such to analyze a lot of PIO data such as bet size suggestions for your range, Equity for your range, Equity realization for your range, and other data for a whole bunch of boards at once! It dawned on me while I watched this video that if I knew the parameters that were entered in a PIO query and I just downloaded someone else's aggregated report and then analyzed it in a spreadsheet or even SQL. I could obtain the same valuable data as if I ran the PIO query myself.

In fact I feel if you would take that one step further and shared with other people what you were able to pull from these aggregated reports as well as listen to what other people had to say about their analysis of the same reports you could pool huge amounts of information off of one PIO simulation.

This brings me to the thrust of this thread. I would like to find out if there is a forum or a place where people upload their aggregated report files along with the parameters they used in PIO to create the files. Allowed Bet sizes, ranges input, etc.and discuss the results they analyzed or even wait for other people to give their analysis on the data. Ultimately if there are none I would like to start a forum thread here or somewhere else where people share their aggregated reports and people discuss cool things they learned analyzing them.

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