Piosolver shortcuts with KRab

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Piosolver shortcuts with KRab

Kevin Rabichow has tweeted saying that he wants to give back in some way because he feels privileged to be able to earn from home whilst others are self-isolating. Obviously, it would be great if other RIO members could contribute to this thread too. I tweeted him asking about Piosolver short cuts, as I am currently studying the 184 flops that cover most of the game. I have started BTN vs BB, six max with a 2.5x raise and call. What I would like to learn from this thread is whether there are any shortcuts to certain types of boards where BTN or BB have massive range advantages, and some lines that don't play out in the 50-200NL Zoom pools that Piosolver suggests are optimal. Here is an example of something that has really stood out so far that I am starting to experiment with in the games:

Js 6s 6d

BB check calls flop block bet (most common line by both players). BB should lead 20% - 33% of range vs BTN on turn, with spade turns being the highest percentage of leads.

Tc 2s 2d

BB check calls flop block bet (most common line by both players). BB should lead between 0% (Ax) and 50% (Tx) of range vs BTN on turn.

I haven't played much heads up lately, but from the little volume I have seen this doesn't seem like a thing either at 50-200 HUNL.

What other interesting spots aren't getting implemented what other boards should be studied next, where people are making mistakes. It feels like the A54 flops with K turns seem to be played pretty well by the regulars on Pokerstars.

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