Playing against short stacks

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Playing against short stacks


unknown player in a low stakes game limps UTG w 30bb. We can assume his range is wide, but our fold equity is quite low even against his wide range.

SB limps w 30bb

BB Hero has JThh

Basically, at deeper stacks I am auto raising this. But given the shallow SPR, is it good to check a hand like this, or ATo, KJo, QJo type stuff?

In the environment I am playing in, I probably want to use a pretty large sizing preflop, as making it $12, I would expect to get a lot of action from the UTG and the SB to call way too much. I guess really tho, maybe that isn't as bad as I first thought. Initially I was thinking I would want to make it like $15 preflop, to get it HU more often or win it preflop, but with the shallower stacks, I was more hesitant to use the big sizing, and then leave a 1-1.5 SPR behind depending on how many players called.

I suppose I could just make it $12 here however now that I think about it, because even if the SB does call loose, our hand is pretty playable, and the SB will probably still have alot of weak hands that still fold like Kxo and Qxo etc etc. Going $12 or $15 might achieve similar things at this stack depth, so maybe the smaller sizing actually is more appropriate. What do you think? (this is a live game too, so expect loads of action preflop)

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