Playing AK slow preflop and facing a turn raise TPTK

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Playing AK slow preflop and facing a turn raise TPTK

UTG is unknown, but bought in 200bb, so I assume he is decent player. Seems solid so far, but tiny sample.

200NL six max

UTG opens $6
Hero SB AcKh calls

*I am mixing my 3 bets here vs 3bb opens as they are not super standard on $1/$2 and usually tighter opening range.

Flop ($14) 4h Ks 6h
Hero ($250) check
UTG bets $7
Hero AcKh raises to $26
UTG calls

Turn ($66) 4h Ks 6h Js
Hero bets $24
UTG raises to $72 (3x)
Hero calls (I don't see any reason to 3 bet turn)

*I think my turn bet needs to be closer to $48-$52 here. Agree?

River ($114) 4h Ks 6h Js As
Check x2

On the river when the flush completes I am just going to check call I think, is there a reason to raise this river? I think I would only be targeting KJ by check raising river. Also any Merit in donk betting river? If so what size?

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