Playing QQ in a multiway pot. Lots of questions...

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Playing QQ in a multiway pot. Lots of questions...

Hoping someone can help me understand if this was the right or wrong call (and any input on my thinking). I'm still very much a beginner and I put this back into Snowie and PokerCruncher but felt I got slightly different answers (or maybe just didn't understand the equity correctly).

This is a 0.02/0.05 6max Snap NLHE
I have no reads

I'm UTG with QQ ($4.37)
SB ($2.55)
BB ($4.68)

I raise 3x and it folds to the SB and BB who both call. ($0.45 pot)

Flop: Kd Jh 3h

SB Bets 0.30
BB Calls 0.30

So I wasn't really sure what to do here—especially being multiway with a donk lead from the SB—as I've only really got 2 outs.
My call is 0.30 into 1.05 so just better that 3:1 pot odds.

I figure it unlikely either V holds AA or KK as no 3bet. JJ and 33 definitely possible as are two pair + Straight/flushdraws. Plus at this level I don't rule out people betting/calling with pocket 4s or something else equally random.

I plugged it into PokerCruncher giving both villains a range of 33, TT, JJ, ATs/os+, KJs+ K9os+ Q9s+ J8s+ T9os+ T9s+ A2-A9hh, and K2-KThh, (sorry if that's a bit hard to follow—basically everything that gave a F/S draw, sets, the two pair combos, and single pair with a broadway kicker). I didn't include any bluffs or backdoor draws

The equity came out basically tied. Is that good enough to continue in this spot multiway?

I obviously didn't know the equity at the time, but with the pot odds felt I was probably in good enough shape for a call, most likely having to fold if I didn't improve and faced bets on the turn. So I did call.

Snowie however said a clear fold which I wan't expecting.

Turn: Qs

SB bets 0.67
BB calls 0.67

Again, I was still a bit unsure as what to do. I didn't think it was a slam dunk with a bet and call in front of me. People love playing broadways at this level so AT a real possibility, but I figure pretty much everything else I'm ahead of. I was definitely fearful of someone making their draw on the river (possibly rookie error) so I decide to shove for $3.92 (pot $6.61)

SB Folds
BB Calls

River: 3c (happy days)

BB shows 82hh for busted F draw

Final pot $9.86

So did I just get lucky? Should I have folded the Flop? Should I have held my nerve with the shove? Was the turn just a call? Why would Snowie say fold if equity is even?

This one fried my brain a bit. Any input into my approach and thinking is appreciated.


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