Playing without range advantage OOP

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Playing without range advantage OOP


I have been wondering how to play spots where our opponent has a range advantage and we are out of position. For example, say MP opens and we 3bet from SB. Flop is 8c7h6c. Assuming we aren't 3betting the sets at a high frequency, and our opponent has all the sets and just as many straights and two pairs if not more, we are at a disadvantage. I think that we are supposed to be checking most of our range on dynamic boards when we don't have a range advantage oop. Given this, how should we be playing our overpairs (AA-QQ). Betting flop will definitely get us in trouble. Check-calling down seems gross and check-raising doesn't seem great either, as our opponent can just continue with better. I don't have Pio so I am wondering how a GTO solver plays these spots. Also, exploitatively for middle/high stakes, is there a more profitable way to play these hands? I would think bet/fold is better vs fish and weaker players, but seems too exploitable vs higher-level regs.

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