Pluribus vs Snowie vs runitonce Preflop RFI ranges

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Pluribus vs Snowie vs runitonce Preflop RFI ranges

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to get some feed back on the three charts below. They are taken from Pluribus six max bot, Snowie Preflop Advisor, and from the coaches I watch on here at runitonce. I tried taking a mixture of what I learned from Henry Lister, Patrick Sekinger, Saulo Ribeiro, Patrick Cronin, & Gary Chappell. For Pluribus, I tried taking hands that were opened at near 100% frequency from each position. I would note Pluribus seems to have the widest range, but also opens mostly 2.0 to 2.25bb. Where Snowie Preflop Advisor is mostly opening 3x. Then of course runitonce ranges are a lot of 2.5x sizings.

Given these three charts below, I am trying to make a guideline for the app I play on, but I am playing micro stakes with 5% rake up to 3bb. There are no huds, but it's not anonymous either. You can still take notes on players or tag them certain colors. Also players are allowed to change their screen names for just a few dollars, so notes and tagging players can only take you so far. Trying to develop a really solid RFI range for six max. Any suggestions, feed back, criticism, etc are much appreciated.

For my bet size I am mostly opening 3x and some 2.5x. I feel like the biggest leak the pool has is calling too much and not 3 betting enough. I think this favors the larger 3x sizing in general. Also in the past there was a debate on 2.5bb vs 3bb for button sizing being the best. The 2.5bb makes it easier to call 3 bets vs the blinds as well as give yourself a good price when stealing the blinds, where the 3bb sizing gains more value IP as blinds will make more calling mistakes and play more fit & fold postflop. Any feed back on this is appreciated as well. I'm leaning towards 3bb open from all positions.

Lastly, a lot of the players are roughly 100bb effective. The min / max buy-in per stake usually ranges 20bb-200bb. I am just buying in 100bb at a time. I feel when I bought in 200bb I was getting less action.

Thank you in advance for any feed back! Charts should be in order of Pluribus-Snowie-RIO

Decided to add one last range, a bit of a "lag range" to see what you guys think. There is a "theory" that opening some hands that are possibly -ev due to bet sizing, position, stack size etc, but these -ev hands help create a loose image and gets you paid off more with your stronger hands. Any thoughts on this range below? I feel this range is closer to how a lot of live players play, but they tend to do a lot of limping. Will this below range be effective at low stakes on these apps that are blowing up? Of course we are not doing any limping. Mostly 2.5bb-3bb opens. Are any of these hands a massive leak?

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