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Full Ring: Pocket pr on dry brd facing small xr

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Full Ring: Pocket pr on dry brd facing small xr

I was confused by this hand as it can be totally exploitable to take a certain course of action over's what I mean.

100bbs 1-2. opp is a weekend fish I think. never seen him before and I believe he was 1 or 2 tabling Fri afternoon.
He limps and I iso 5x w 99 which I had been doing quite frequently vs him, 1 caller in lp and both blinds come along.
Flop 422r
I cbt a little over half pot as I want to build a pot but still have to bet 'low'-ish as I would do as standard on these brds.
Fish is only caller.
Turn T completing rainbow.
I again bet a little over half pot and opp xr's slightly over min which leaves us with about a 1/3 psb on the river if I call.
There's just so many things to consider here.....Thoughts?

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