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Poker Math Question: Finding optimal frequency to squeeze from the BB

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Poker Math Question: Finding optimal frequency to squeeze from the BB

I typically play 50nl 6-max.

I was searching through my database trying to figure out optimal squeeze from the BB and noticed a couple of things;

1) When the BB executes a squeeze the field folds about 47% of the time. I define a squeeze as an open raise followed by at at least one flat call.
2) The field is executing the squeeze with roughly 30% of hands (400 combos). All aces, all pocket pairs and mostly Broadway hands. Not a lot of bluffs.
3) When faced with an opportunity to squeeze with the above 30% of hands, the field only executes the squeeze 20% of the time.

So, I want to use this as a learning opportunity to apply poker math and see if there something that I can exploit.

What I know;
If I risk 10bb to win 6bb 47% of the time
If called i risk 10bb to win 23bb 25% of the time (it appears that once the squeeze goes to the flop the 3bettor wins 25% of the time).
The field only executes a squeeze with previously stated range 20% of the time. Mostly they elect to flat call, aa,kk,qq,jj, aks 3 bet 100% of the time.

What is the best way to mathmatecly lay this out? Am i missing any inputs?


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