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Hi, I tried a simulation with pokersnowie at 6 players 100bb, MP open 2.5x, CO call, BB call. Flop is 544r then MP cbet 0.5x (which is recommended sizing), and then CO call 95.2%, fold 4.8%, and if CO fold, BB fold 32%.

So my question is, is this a 'good' solution ? I find it hard to beleive that MP would have any bluffing hand if he gets both players to fold about 1.54% of the time.

I know it's been asked a lot if snowie is reliable or not and nobody really seem to know clearly. And even some coaches, which are probably bad, call it GTO... since they will say in the same paragraph it learns like human neurons, which is by definition probably the opposite of GTO.... Anyways I know there is value in it, but I'm not really sure what to think of this kind of spot.

For this spot, the first question that comes to mind is, why would MP would bluff any hand if it doesn't get through ?, I can see why CO call as much since the price is good, he has a strong range... it gives board coverage... but still... I feel like this is not a valid equilibrium... To be fair, MP can not bluff his weakest hand like QJo-Q9o, it really need to be bdfd... and even Kx no bdfd will bluff like tiny %... so the bluffs are really the highest combos with bdfd, and Ax bdfd... but still, if the opponent is never folding, I don't see why they would want to bet at all...

To be fair also, CO will play 95% call and 4.8% fold. SO I think it is pretty logical that since he defend wide, he doesn't raise, keeping his stronger hands to protect his weaker hand into the call range...

But still, I don't see why would MP would want to bluff vs 95% CO call + the BB defend range.

And of course I'm always expecting someone to answer that since we should play exploitative it doesn't matter but really, it's not necessary thank you.

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