Preflop calling range from SB, SRP?

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Preflop calling range from SB, SRP?

Lately I've just kind of come to a mental blind zone regarding this spot. Tightish EP opener (UTG in 6 max, EP in 8 max) opens to 2.5x. Folds around to me in SB. What hands should I be calling with here?

  1. Assuming AQ suited and better are 3 bets vs. this specific spot
  2. Assuming my calling range should be rather polar here? Perhaps from AQ off down to maybe AT suited, KJ suited? Then stuff like suited connectors between 87, 76, 65?

Seems like facing an opponent repping strength from an early position forces me out of a lot of medium strength hands here. But like I said, lately, this seems to be a mental block and just wanted to get some input.

Thanks all.


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