Preflop Exploits in Live Poker

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Preflop Exploits in Live Poker

Was wondering how people construct their ranges playing live in some of these situations (High Stakes Live Poker Setting):

1) Decent losing fun player limps and we are on button: How loose can we iso with 2 passive players behind? How loose with 2 regs behind? How loose if fun player has limp reraise range and isn't a station?

2) Fun player limps, BU iso's to 5x and we are in the blinds. Should we be 3betting actively b/c more dead money or passive to let fun player in? How bad does limper have to be to start calling premium hands? More calling from BB than SB probably? Types of hands to 3bet if developing flatting range?

3) Fun player raises MP and we are in BB and it folds to us. If raise is say 4x, should we call looser than optimal b/c post flop advantage? How bad does opener have to be? What if range is super tight b/c limps anything but premiums, can we still defend loose?

4) Tight fun player 3bets. How much to tighten up IP/OOP?

5) SB vs MP open with passive player in BB. Can we start calling all Axs/9xs/SCs/PPs? What if opener is fun player and BB is reg?

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