Preflop Range for Multiway pots.

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Preflop Range for Multiway pots.

I play in a soft pool $3/$5 where most pots are going 4-5 ways for $20-$25 each or limped pots going 6-7 ways pretty often. Is it really necessary to have a tight range EP say 12%, 15% MP, then 20-30% LP depending on limpers, stacks, position, bet sizing, etc? I was thinking position is always important, but a hand like AJ or KQ loses quite a bit of value being oop in a 4-5 way pot. I was thinking of just dropping these hands from my EP range, which some say shouldn't be played anyways and focus on hands that have more robust equity like suited broadways. Some people will play all suited broadways, some only KJs+ from EP full ring. Given the multiway dynamics of the pool for live poker, what would your advice be for EP and MP?

Range A)
77+, AJ+, A10s+, KQ+, KJs+, J10s+

Range B)
22+, AJ+, A2s+, KQ+, ATBs+, 98s+

In the pool I play in I still believe all pockets hold quite a bit of value with little to no 3 betting going on unless its a huge pocket pair. I just don't know about hands like K10s, QTs, 54s-98s, AJ, KQ, etc.

Others advise to size up my RFI range to 5-6bb instead of 4bb to try and get heads up. I think this just allows villains to play better as their range will get narrow and i'll end up value owning myself in some spots with a hand like AJ or AQ and they have AK or QQ that didn't 3 bet.

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