Preflop ranges for PIO

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Preflop ranges for PIO

Where can I download/buy some solid preflop ranges for PIO? I could use both NLHE 6max 100bb and MTT 9max with antes, 40bb, 60bb etc. It seems like the most basic thing ever, yet I can't find that anywhere. I downloaded the preflop solutions from pio cloud, but theres almost nothing in it. In the whole 2 GB MTT pack, theres only open ranges for 15bb and 20bb stacks divided to AI ranges and non-AI open. Thats all. Where are the bb defends against those opens? Where are flats, 3bets, 4bets? Same for the 5GB or something NLHE pack, almost no ranges in it. Just huge .cfr files. Why would I even want those? I don't want to test anything in the preflop solver or make my own preflop ranges. I just want a chart, that will tell me, that from 9max UTG I should raise 54s 13,4 % of the time and 4bet CO vs BTN with K3s 3,8 % of the time and stuff like that... And I want to do my own postflop analyses based on those correct preflop ranges. Thats like a 1KB file each range and the most basic and important thing for good postflop solutions. So why can't I find that anywhere?

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