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Preflop Solutions 6-max Question

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Preflop Solutions 6-max Question

Hello, I have a question for people who worked with 6-max preflop softwares (like simple GTO).

Say CO opens and BTN 3-bets, SB and BB fold. When building the CO defending range, will the solver take into account that SB and BB were yet to act and defend less than it would heads-up as a result?

To make things simple let's say you open CO to 3 bb 30% of the time, BTN 3-bets to 9 bb and CO decides to play 4-bet or fold. You'll need to defend 30x0.33 (9/13.5) = 10% of the time. But let's say SB and BB both cold 4-bet 5% of the time each.

1) Will CO still defend 30x0.33 = 10% of the time when it gets folded back to it?
2) Or will it defend 30x0.23 (0.33 - 0.05 - 0.05) = 6.9% of the time?

I know it's an exagerated oversimplified model and it's more complicated that just calculating the MDF, but I do want to know if the solver takes SB and BB into account when building CO defending range and I'm worried that if I don't oversimplify it I'm gonna get a non-answer.

Thank you for reading this.

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