Preflop solving with PokerSnowie. Weird results needs explanation.

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Preflop solving with PokerSnowie. Weird results needs explanation.

Hi guys

Im currently reviewing my preflop game with extra focus on when hero gets 3bet OOP. I have for a period of time adopted Andres Artentinos default ranges from his course but I dont think they work very well due to too simple handselection(dont playing mixed strategies) and flatting with a very high frequency compared to 4betting.

My plan was to first study PokerSnowie and then Monker. And when possible use PioSolver.

When I dig into Pokersnowie I encounter some pretty weird results.

For example when we have narrow range spots, Snowie prefers to have a very narrow value range(AA) and then bluffs. A LOT of bluffs. For example UTG vs SB, UTG almost exclusively have AA in its 4bet value range. And then it 4bets and folds to a jam 82%(!!!). And explanation for this could be, that the EV of SB 5 bet jamming range is very low when called since it playing against AA all the time. But simple math shows us that 5bet jamming with 12% equity is very profitable, so this explanation doesnt really hold.


Its obv 100bb deep and the we choose the sizings Snowie prefers - 2.25bb --> 8.25bb -- > 24bb

Now we get to the part where it gets weird....

Again we focus on strat versus a 3bet but this time in position. CO open -- > SB 3bet --> CO 4bet. Here CO value 4bets a broader range of AA-KK, AKs and a lot of AKo. SB then jams AA, all AK, KK with some freaquency and all(!!) Axs, some medium pocket pairs and AQs-AJs very rarely calling the 4bet. In itself an unusual strategy. Did I say that CO value 4bets AKo - it doesnt. It 4bet folds AKo against an extremely large 5bet bluffing range... This is just insane and doesnt make any sense. Btw CO 4bet folds 75% in this spot.

We see the same thing BTN versus SB where SB 4bet folds AKo, JJ and TT... Doesnt make any sense.

And now we get to the part where it gets really weird...

Against a 4bet Snowie prefers to make a 1/4 pot raise(24bb --> 41bb) and not to shove. This cannot change that much you might say. Wrong. It somehow changes everything. When Snowie 5bet 1/4 pot the strat versus the 4bet(in the BTN vs SB example) looks like this: 68% fold, 13% call and 18% 1/4pot raise. When we change snowies strat options from 1/4 raise to all in the strat vs 4bet looks like this: 33% fold, 5% call and 62% all in....

Am I missing something? Is there a good explantion for this? Or should I just delete Pokersnowie from my computer?

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