Preflop Strat/Postflop Strat

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Preflop Strat/Postflop Strat

Live 2-5

Hero raise HJ $20 w AsAx 1k Eff

Solid Reg makes it $65 1k Eff (guy I travel with and talk with often; he's been pro a couple years now, and has good fundamentals and reasoning)

SB Old man coffee Cold Calls 1k Eff

Folds to Hero

First of all, what kind of 4b Range are we using here? I suspect the cold call will be like 77+, AK, AQ, AJs, KQs, QJs type stuff...

I think my 4b range will be something like QQ+/AK? Don't see ton of merit in going wider, and alot of the other stuff like AJs/ATs will get good price to complete closing action. Maybe something like AQo could be used, but being deeper, I'm less thrilled on it. However, I guess given the likely sizing of my 4b, it could be a reasonable candidate. AQs I think will be too strong to 4b here as a bluff when we can flat and play a pot with a strongish suited A

We 4b to $200
Bttn calls
old man coffee folds

Flop KK5ss

Pot 465
We cbet $100

Turn 8x

Riv 8s
Pot $665
Stacks $700

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