Probably going to get roasted A7dd...

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Probably going to get roasted A7dd...

I was playing 1,2 NLHE on Saturday and was at a very loose passive table, meaning there was a ton of limp calling going on even at 8x opens. OTTH
V1 ($150 eff utg) MAWW loose passive player, plays a very wide range, only raises strong range pre flop.
V2 MAWG(300 eff Utg +1) similar to v1
V3 MAWG (500 effective) pretty nitty.
Hero 225 effective in BB with Ah 7h

4 limps to v3 in SB who raises to 12
Hero flats. My thinking was that by flatting here I know that the other villains will likely call aswell and give me a pretty good price with a hand with some nut potential and at a discounted rate out of BB.
V1 calls, as expected
V2 calls, as expected

Flop ($48) AdAcS2d
V3 leads out of $15
Hero raises to $60
V1 tank calls given the tank and wide pfr I felt decent about my kicker
V2 calls
V3 folds

Turn pot $223 6s

Hero rips it in for like 160ish
V1 calls for less
V2 calls
River blank, dont even remember it.

V1 turns of A6 off for the full house.
Hero scoops side pot between hero and v3 who was on a FD.

Any input on the hand would be appreciated.

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