QQ Rivered Set - £1/£1 Live Game

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QQ Rivered Set - £1/£1 Live Game

Hi everyone,

I’d love to hear what you all think of this hand I played in a recent live £1/£1 game.

Effective stacks: £100

UTG is playing very tight and hasn’t played a hand for about two or three orbits, he opens for £6 and it’s folded to me in the cut-off with QQsh, I call and the small blind calls.

Pot £19

Flop comes 982 with two diamonds, small blind bets £12 and UTG folds, I call.

Pot £43

Turn is T of diamonds and small blind checks and I check back.

Pot £43

River is the Q of clubs and small blind bets £25 I call and turn over my set and small blind mucks.

Pre-flop I decided just to call as I thought UTG is raising pretty tight and quite likely to four-bet and then I have to fold to over cards on the flop. At the river I think I’m getting only called by better if I re-raise.

Let me know what you think?

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