QQ turn decision - 733ss-Ks

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QQ turn decision - 733ss-Ks

Villain is weak / tight player not known to get out of line and only raises top 8% or so of hands. Don't think he raises AJo or KQo. On the turn I wasn't sure what to do vs his range.

Effective stacks around $500.

UTG $15
folds around to hero in Co QhQd $55.
UTG calls and we go HU.

Flop ($114) 7s-3s-3c
UTG check
Hero $40
UTG calls.
Turn ($194) 7s-3s-3c-Ks
UTG check
Hero $75
UTG XR to $185.
Hero folds.

On the turn I was betting small for thin value / protection from hands like 99-JJ with a spade. Maybe he floats flop with AsQx type hands. AK is still in in his range as well. Once he check raises, don't think he is capable of check raising light with a hand like JsJc. Best to bet fold the turn or check back? He will check raise with AK no spade as well on the turn, but that's about as far out of line as he will get. I will have a few flushes and AK in my range as well, so I am thinking QQ is near the bottom of my double barreling range here? Given I am 3 betting a bunch of suited broadways vs the 3bb sizing. What sizing would you use if you did bet the turn? I feel like my sizing should be more polar given the board texture, but I am not 100% because it's live poker.

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