Question for People Playing NL5 & 10 on GG

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Question for People Playing NL5 & 10 on GG

I have a question for People playing on GG about their built in HUD / tendencies of regs at these stakes. I keep seeing people with absolutely astronomical 3 bet % at NL5 and 10 but I don't know if I can trust the hud or not. More often then not if I were to repeatedly open the hud for different players and sample the 3 bet % the numbers are way too high. I don't know if there is something very off about the hud or if this is an exploitative adjustment a lot of regs are making. I realize the samples are small per player, but collectively it seems the 3b% is high for the entire population. Is this a fault with the HUD or are people in the pool really going ham with the light 3 bets? I've confirmed this with another player and he seems to be seeing the same kinds of numbers.

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