Questions about cbetting OOP in 3bet pot

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Questions about cbetting OOP in 3bet pot

When IP as the 3bettor e.g. BUvsCO, using a simplified cbet strat of 1/3pot w/ our range on dry flops is the way to go, and a mixed cbet strat (w/ bigger sizing and a check) on wet/connected flops should be used.

But when OOP as the 3bettor e.g. SBvsBU, on dry flops (Q72r), does our cbet strat changes? I mean, most of BU's hands still missed the flop completely, so is using a simplified cbet strat still the best even OOP? or is a mixed cbet strat will yield the best result? or is the EV difference between the 2 strat is so small that it's better to use a simplified strat?

I want to know your thoughts guys?

Thanks ; )

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