Raise First In and Face 3b

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Raise First In and Face 3b

There are sessions where I feel like I am getting 3 bet more often than normal.

I filtered for all non-Zone hands played in my database. When I raise first in, I get 3b about 19% of the time. This number is easy to establish, just filter for "Raise First In" and jot down that number. Then, add the filter "4b Opportunity". This will filter spots where we raised and faced a 3b (keep in mind, this also includes pots where your RFI was called and you faced a squeeze). I then narrowed the filter for this year and chose the sample where I was 3b the most. It was a 4 1/2 hour session and I faced 3b 38 times.

For the below analysis, I filtered for this session and scrolled through all 38 of the hands. Keep in mind, on Ignition, I get to see everyone's hole cards when I download them 24 hours after the hands were played (a great luxury IMO). I get to see exactly what hands I am getting 3 bet by. Listed below are the hands I raised and the hands that 3b me in that session.

Anyway, below are the results:

1) QJs UTG vs QQ
2) AQo UTG vs 88 BB
4) JTs UTG vs MP AQo
5) KTs BTN vs SB AJo
6) KJo MP vs CO JJ
7) AKo CO vs SB AKo
8) A4s CO vs BTN QQ
9) JTo MP vs SB QJs and BB flat......1st clear RFI outside of acceptable range. SB was 25/25/21 after 55 hands and was 8/12 or 67% WWSF. He is pain in the ass and JTo is too wide....BB was, however 22/22/0 but tiny sample.
10) Q9s BTN vs SB ATs
11) AJs MP vs SB KJs (first time I was 3b by worse). Folded vs his 1/3 cbet Q76r. Did have BDNFD. He was 25/24/24 after 62 hands (3b 4 times in 17 opportunities)
12) AKo UTG vs BTN 88 (same guy as hand #11, he folded vs my 4b)
13) A7s CO vs BTN AKo
14) KK MP vs BTN AKo (*4th time I was 3b by worse)
15) QJs MP vs BTN flat of 55 and SB Squeeze to 15bb with QQ (guy was 18/15/30 after 43 hands, 3 3bets in 10 opportunities)
16) AKs CO vs BB JJ
17) QJo MP vs BTN ATs
18) QQ CO vs BTN KK
19) 66 MP vs CO AQo
20) AKs CO vs BTN KK
21) A5o SB vs BB AJo
22) A4s CO vs BTN 76s (second time I was 3b by worse)
23) KJo MP vs SB QQ
24) A8s BTN vs SB AJo
25) JTo BTN vs QJs SB
26) T5s CO vs A2s BTN (entirely too wide Pre)
27) AQs UTG vs SB KK (guy was 26/24/8 after 38 hands, 6 out of 7 times won when seeing flop, he 6x from SB vs min raise)
28) MP 98s vs CO A8s
29) A8s UTG vs BTN A9o (Min RFI vs his 7.5bb 3b, 10 hand sample)
30) A8o BTN vs SB 77 (40bb stack and he ripped vs 2.4x)
31) A7s MP vs BTN 99 (2.2x open and he 3b to 5bb)
32) A6s UTG vs BTN QQ (2.2x open and he ripped)
33) 42s SB vs BB AKo (3x standard open, can certainly fold, probably too wide)
34) 96s MP vs BB AKo (another questionable open, big mistake based on who was left to act, but 32 hands was biggest sample I had on anyone)
35) AJo CO vs BTN Q9s (third time I was 3b by worse)
36) A9o CO vs BB JJ
37) 76s UTG vs MP KQs (might be too wide based on players behind)
38) KK UTG vs CO AA

This session lasted 260 minutes. I raised first in 198 times. I faced 3b 38 times. I got 3b 19.1919% of the time.

This year, I have played 32 sessions (as of February 7th). In total, I have raised 1st in and faced a 3b 509 times. I have raised 1st in 2,672 times (so I face 3b 509/2672 = 19% of the time).

My Face 3b % is very consistent over this year's sample, and lifetime, my RFI and face 3b ranges from 20% (with zone games excluded) and 18% (with both zone and regular hands figured in). So, while it feels like I am getting 3b more often, I really am not.

SB, I have RFI 427 hands and faced 3b 10% of the time
UTG, I have RFI 375 hands and faced 3b 26.93% of the time or 26.93/5 (players left in hand) so the overall range they 3b is 5.5% (TT+, AJs+, KQs+, AQo+ is 5.28%)
MP, I have RFI 570 hands and faced 3b 26.14% of the time or 26.14/4 (players left in hand) so the overall range they 3b is 6.5% (99+, ATs+, KQs+, KQo, AQo+ is 6.94%)
CO, I have RFI 604 hands and faced 3b 21.35% of the time or 21.35/3 (players left in hand) so the overall range they 3b is 7.12% (does not change much)
BTN, I have RFI 696 hands and face 3b 15.22% of the time or 15.22/2 (players left in hand) so the overall range they 3b is 7.61% (does not change much)
This isn't an exact science, but it is quite close. The above RFI and Face 3b numbers are very similar to lifetime stats.
Of course, there are going to be players who 3b much wider than this BUT this only means that there are players who 3b much tighter than above also (it is just how averages work).

Notes on the Above Session: (again, I played 260 minutes total, played 1319 hands, RFi 198 of them and faced 3b 38 times.) My VPIP was 25% and my PFR was 20.5% in this session)

1) The data above shows that I RFI and faced 3b 4 times when I had them beat (AJs vs KJs, A4s vs 76s, KK vs AKo and AJo vs Q9s). The other times I faced 3b, I was at best a flip (some smaller pairs vs stuff like AK/AQ) but most of the time, I was in really bad shape. Only one time did I get 3b when I had them dominated in this session.
1a) I feel like 3 of the above hands were reckless opens. None of them are what I would call disastrous.
2) It is obvious I was running into some very good hands, which is expected sometimes.
3) I made 2 buy in's during this session but I ran hot. EV was -2 buy in's.
4) The 3b ranges my pool is using are much tighter than what GTO charts would suggest

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