Raised first in AND called preflop 3b filter in 25NL full ring

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Raised first in AND called preflop 3b filter in 25NL full ring

Alright so I have filtered across 157.340 hands I played of 25NL Full ring where I am was around breakeven for first 95.000 hands and was collecting rakeback and bonuses but things have changed recently probably to a degree due to variance and I assume bad plays/ regulars adapting or whatever am currently at -2bb/100 across the whole sample. I wasn't doing much studying during this time as I still collected some money from rakeback/bonuses and had some other obligations but thats about to change.

I am also running 229$ under EV across the whole sample

I am sorry the links aren't working just copy-paste them in your browser

Graph of 157.340 hands: https://paste.pics/916aec414e6b3ae814c69ef137f33971

I have used a filter of Raised first In AND CALLED preflop 3b and realized cca half of my whole loss across 157.340 hands come from this situations.

Picture of filtered results for "Raised first in AND called preflop 3b":

Now I realize that this kind of loss when calling in 3b pots is a sign of a pretty big leak but for start could anyone tell me what is "normal" when running this filter should we be winning or just around breakeven in this spots?
Further could someone please advise me how to approach this, maybe which additional filters to run and what stats to focus on to fix this?

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