Randomization methodology and implementation in live poker

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Randomization methodology and implementation in live poker

Hey guys,
Was just curious if anyone uses a randomization method in live cash (or tournies) and how it works functionally and if you think it’s worthwhile.

For instance I could see picking two random suits at the beginning of each session, let’s say hearts and diamonds, and if you’re in a spot where, say AQs is supposed to be 3b at 50%, if you have hearts or diamonds 3b and otherwise flat.

Unfortunately you can’t just use your phone in the middle of a hand and use the RAND function on your iPhone calculator.

Anyways, you could also make the argument that live factors are overwhelmingly valuable and should trump randomization methods, meaning it would be much less useful than online.

In any case I was curious about people’s approaches and metholdology when it comes to using randomization techniques for live play. It’s not a topic I see widely discussed.

Thank you,

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