Range advantage but 100% check strategy on the river.

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Range advantage but 100% check strategy on the river.

Hi everyone,

In general, it is the case that whenever a player has a significant EV and Range advantage that player should bet a good portion of their range. However, I came across a unique situation on the river in which OOP player could have an EV advantage of as far as 80% of the pot and yet would check 100% of his range (SPR was 10 to 1, shouldn't matter though). The board I used was KQJ67r , and OOP's range is Ak, AA and all the sets (33 combos) . While IP, has all combos of ATs and ATo (16 combos) and about 120 combos of two pair or worse. Can we think similar situations on the flop and turn where a player with significantly capped range would check most if not all of their range despite overwhelming EV advantage?


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