re Online poker issue (from experienced low NHLE cash grinder) 888 poker review

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re Online poker issue (from experienced low NHLE cash grinder) 888 poker review


I just started grinding again after a little time out of the game getting my finance exams and playing a lot of golf! I ran up my account to $1000 on 888 poker playing mainly 30nl and 50nl (over c.15k hands) and the player pool is full of fish (even on zoom) so I thought online poker was really soft and profitable again!! However, once I withdrew $200 I noticed almost immediately a change in the way the cards were coming out and then after a few more thousand hands of break even poker, I just started getting sucked out on left right and centre and would just never have the best hand at showdown. I lost virtually all my profit on the 50nl zoom tables over just c.6-8k in hands (so a very quick 20 buy in downswing).

I am highly confident something very fishy is going on 888 because I have been a successful low stakes player for a number of years, steadily beating 25nl to 100nl although mainly at Stars for several years (mainly between 2013 & 2015) and prior to pre Black Friday on Absolute Poker albeit the players were all donks there back in 2009-10 :) And while admittedly my game is a little rusty I have a very large edge on the players at 888 as they in the main are terrible (far greater than Stars who have a lot of decent regs naturally even at 25-50nl). I just wanted to know if anyone else has played here and experienced something similar? I know bots are an issue these days but this seemed far worse than a bot issue.

Anyway I will start up again at Stars and hopefully run a little better. Looking forward to the RunItOnce site launching and really hope it will be a huge success as online poker is crying our for a new and legit site with a fair rake system which naturally kills low stakes players (especially live cash along with the slow pace of play!).



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