Reacting to flop 3 Bets and Probe Raises

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Reacting to flop 3 Bets and Probe Raises

Hi guys. I occasionally encounter people raising my turn overbet probes when I'm oop, I was wondering how to react to such plays or at least study these spots.

The same goes for people 3betting checkraises on flops that favor me as BB.

I realize this is a broad question but this is something I assumed solvers don't really do much so I don't even know how to go about solving or studying these spots. I'm playing NL2 and 5z and NL5 to 20 regular tables so I realize solver strategy doesn't apply a lot, but I was just wondering what a balanced response is to a line like this in different situations. I'll try to dig up some HH later today but for now was wondering how to generally tackle this.

Would also really appreciate it if anybody who knows some videos about this could post a link.

Thank you.

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