River bet Sizing Mistake? 6max

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River bet Sizing Mistake? 6max

First Off I would like to apologize for the terrible post format here. For some reason the Hand History posting would not work for me at the moment. Tried multiple times and was un-successful.

Hero is Dealt (5h5s)

Player Hero raises (0.75) ($52.90)
Player MP calls (0.75)($25.35)
Player folds
Player folds
Player SB calls (0.65)($31.05)
Player folds

MP player is a weak regular. SB is a big whale. SB is playing something like 72/12 over 80-90 hands.

* FLOP *: [Kc Qs 8s]
Player SB checks
Player Hero checks
Player MP checks

* TURN *: [Kc Qs 8s] [5c]
Player SB bets (1.19)
Player Hero raises (7.50)
Player MP folds
Player SB calls (6.31)

I decided to raise large mainly to isolate against the SB Recreational player, Thinking if they have a Kx type hand they will never fold..and will usually call with a FD.

* RIVER *: [Kc Qs 8s 5c] [As]
Player SB checks($22.90)
Player Hero bets (5) ($39.65)
Player SB calls (5)
Player SB mucks cards

Sadly this being on the WPN - Will never know what villain had.
What are your thoughts on my sizing. Do you think Villain's range is inelastic in this spot and that i can bet much larger? I think shoving river looks to strong/scary to a weak player.. maybe something like 2/3rds sizing? maybe even full pot?
My thought at the time was to bet the small sizing to get a call from Kx Qx type hands..and if villain had a flush they were to shove i can happily fold. That being said, if they do Shove I have to call $11.75 meaning i need at least 20% equity...which i probably have..would it still be wise to call a shove in the event Villain does shove river?
Sizing on the river fairly bad? missed out on Value? Played well?

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