River Decision Line Check

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River Decision Line Check

Live 2-5 $560 eff

Hero raise AKss to $20 LJ
Folds around to player who seems thinking, although I think he is probably over defending his BB w flat calls.(I saw him defend the BB vs my 4x LJ raise and a cold call with K9o for example; doesn't seem insane, but def out of line a bit, but might just be a live thing live players do) He is also straddling every button, but he seems to be thinking. Know there are winning regs who straddle, so not entirely sure what this is about. Have also seen him 3b AQo vs a $20 raise to $120 when the guy had like $180-200 to start the hand. Seems a little out of line to me, but not terrible, just something I saw. Maybe it means he 3b’s some AQ, or at least the suited combos.

He calls Bb covering

Flop QcJc2d
Pot = $36
He checks
Hero bets $25

Turn 5h
Pot = $86
Hero bet $65

Riv 3d
Pot = $216
Hero bets $300

$430ish eff on river

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